Unmasking Evil

Unmasking Evil

Evil is unlike anything else on earth.  It's destructive, but humans are strangely attracted to it.  Dr. Young peels back evil's deceptively appealing veneer in his 5-message series, Unmasking Evil, and shows you how to disarm and defeat the ugliness of evil and sin all around you.  In this series you'll discover why God must allow suffering to continue for a time...how to respond to the evil in our world...and God's ultimate plan to rid His creation of pain and heartache forever.

Contains 5 Messages:

  • (1724) Evil is a Four Letter Word
  • (1725) Evil Packaged
  • (1726) The Strategy of Satan
  • (1727) Destroying the Family
  • (1728) Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People

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