Be better prepared to conquer your doubts

Be better prepared to conquer your doubts

Dear Friend,
As Christians, many of us don’t talk about our doubt, as if it’s a moral failure. But that can leave some believers unprepared for the inevitable challenges they’ll face in life.
My son Ben wasn’t prepared for his doubt. He lost a friend to brain cancer, and he experienced doubt that was so acute he wondered whether God really loved us at all.
Today, Ben doesn’t hide that part of his walk. In fact, my son found himself talking about his doubt so often that he wrote a book about it called Room for Doubt. And it’s given him the opportunity to help others be prepared when they face challenges to their faith as he did.
We can’t be prepared for every circumstance or argument the world throws at us, but Room for Doubt can help you know what to do when something does challenge your faith.
I’d love to send you a copy of Ben’s book, along with a CD of my message on doubt, to thank you for your donation to keep broadcasting proven truth to listeners all over the world. 

His and yours,

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